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LGIT have identified 2 additional charities to sponsor in 2010.  The charities that we unite to support are: Tumelo Home for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Kyalami Independent School              

We believe that by giving back to organisations who are actively taking care of our children, we can build a better future in South Africa for all.

LGIT is dedicated to provide computer training facilities and transfer computer training skills and knowledge at:

    Tumelo Home
    Our goal is to provide Computer Training to all care-givers at Tumelo home. By enabling them to use technology, all care givers will gain access to a wealth of knowledge on the internet. We believe this will make a huge difference in the training programs and educational programs currently in place at the home.  Care Givers will be able to conduct research, collaborate and share best practices in caring for children with cerebral palsy.